Recommended magic literature

General Essentials for Beginners:

Henry Hay - Amateur Magician’s Handbook

Complete Course in Magic:

Harlan Tarbell - Course in Magic - 8 Volumes

Mark Wilson’s Complete Course in Magic

Card Magic:

Jean Hugard & Frederick Braue - Expert Card Technique

Jean Hugard & Frederick Braue - Royal Road To Card Magic

Roberto Giobbi - Card College - 5 Volumes

Coin Magic:

Jean Bobo - Modern Coin Magic

Rope Magic:

Stewart James - Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks


Tony Corinda - 13 Steps to Mentalism


Byron G. Wels: Great Illusions of Magic - 2 Books - Text & Plans

Theory of Magic:

Juan Tamariz - Five Points in Magic

Juan Tamariz - Magic Way

Arturo De Ascanio, Jesus Etcheverry - The Magic of Ascanio: The Structural Conception of Magic

Darwin Ortiz - Designing Miracles

Darwin Ortiz - Strong Magic

Eberhard Riese - The Art of Stage Magic

Pete McCabe - Scripting Magic

History of Magic:

Milbourne Christopher - MAGIC: A Picture History

Other Essential Books with Various Content:

Tommy Wonder - The Books of Wonder - 2 Volumes

Lewis Ganson - The Dai Vernon Book of Magic

Various Authors - Stars of Magic

Magic Magazines:

Genii - The Conjurors’ Magazine

Magic Magazine

Free Magic Magazines:

Vanish Magazine

Magic New Zealand Magazine

Magic Research Websites:

Ask Alexander

Conjuring Archive

Conjuring Credits